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Zhetian-New Fairy Fantasy

Zhetian-New Fairy Fantasy

By: 北京天神互动科技有限公司

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Chendong authorized a 3D MMORPG mobile game with the same name. Guoyun craftsmanship to create the "new fairy fantasy" of the East.

Yufeng Flying, aerial exploration, experiential plot, compact and strategic gameplay

[Strength Art National Style and Charm]

The unique art style, on the basis of inheriting the ancient oriental charm, incorporates modern fantasy, and breaks through the traditional fairy tale style. Create a majestic and majestic world with a new understanding.

【Technological innovation exquisite 3D】

Through the next-generation technology, we strive to restore the art settings, and the true 3D real scene shows the grand and freehand game scenes and gorgeous special effects.

【Three-dimensional exploration and free flight】

Guided system, multi-layer composite world map, to build a full range of exploration of the world; cancel the brainless automatic, allowing players to experience the fun of exploration. In the real flying in the sky, players can not only fly freely, but also hunt for treasures during the flight.

[Freely develop a combination battle]

Combining the concept of the original "Furnace to Raise One Hundred Classics" to create a highly free cultivation system represented by cultivation. Players can customize attribute types and occupational inclination; strategic combat gameplay, professional skills, nine secrets, and magical soldiers. , Flexible flight configuration;

Zhetian-New Fairy Fantasy
Hossam Galal

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