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Kara Picchu

Kara Picchu

By: 云杉美艺

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Every kind of life has its own laws and meanings. Is the "ideal land" a "dream" or a "delusion" of mankind. Is a beautiful and eternal life a real existence?

The establishment of the world of Kachu made a big step forward for mankind towards utopia. However, what follows with the beautiful vision is the "threat" of an unknown civilization in the wilderness and the "destruction" of the original homeland of mankind. Is utopia a compass for mankind's eternal happiness, or a sweet poison that accelerates the demise of mankind?

Sistine or Scissorhands, two different development directions of human destiny are up to you to choose and fight for them. But please always keep in mind "there are rules for the survival of life, and naturally you need to be in awe"!

Kara Picchu is a Japanese TPS tactical competitive game independently developed by Day1 Studio. It is planned to log in on PC, Console, and Mobile. The game focuses on realistic shooting feel and is supplemented by a multi-dimensional tactical system. It aims to cover the habits of experienced shooting game users while trying to create a multi-hero collaborative competitive confrontation experience.

The "stringed" characteristic gameplay based on the UE4 engine gives the game a brand new depth of operation. 3D and 2D can be switched arbitrarily, and the course of action changes unpredictably. Characters in different camps have different backgrounds, and the gun tactical experience has its own merits. I look forward to bringing you a refreshing experience of true and two-dimensional shooting competitive games.

Kara Picchu
Hossam Galal

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