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Cat Apartments

Cat Apartments

By: 波克游戏

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"Cat Apartment" is a 3D cat collection and development game.

Open a magical apartment and raise a bunch of cute cats

Encounter a warm and touching story on the island of fantasy

The bond between you and the cat starts from this moment

[There are hundreds of cats, dress up as you like]

Little cutie, Gao Lengfan, weird...the cats you can't think of are here

Hundreds of cute outfits, thousands of mixes and matches, open your mind and dress up cats as much as you like

[Close friends give birth to kittens]

Match your friends to create a unique kitty

Super cute cat breeding room in the universe

Give birth to kittens and grow up slowly

[Build your dream apartment]

Rainbow fireworks, trees of dreams, witch tents... the dress up of dream apartments are waiting for you to discover

It can also create exclusive personalized rooms for mysterious guests

Hurry up and invite your friends to visit

[Discover the hidden story of a mysterious guest]

Befriend the islanders and feel their joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys

Invite residents to stay in apartments and unlock the hidden stories of mysterious residents

A unique story book that records the warmth of cats and people

Cat Apartments
Hossam Galal

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