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Little Raccoon Water Margin

Little Raccoon Water Margin

By: 提塔利克工作室

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Do you remember the Water Margin card that you didn't get when you ate a box of crisp noodles when you were young?

Do you still remember the ranking of the horrible Tian Gang Di Sha that you once memorized?

Do you still remember the little friends who took pictures in the corner together in childhood?

Genuine IP authorizes Guofeng to place cards in the mobile game "Little Raccoon Water Margin" after 20 years, reigniting the new trend of collecting cards! The retro street video game city and the nostalgic canteen will take you back to the card-collecting summer. The new national style aesthetic card design inherits the unique charm of the old version of the Water Margin card. The classic Water Margin card and the new version of the Water Margin card can be switched at will. 108 will collect all the on-hook resources to easily cultivate, restore the exclusive skills of the Liangshan heroes, reproduce the indomitable Water Margin rivers and lakes, and there are more villain cards to join. You will become a very talented challenger of the Water Margin card game and set foot on the road of national hegemony with the little raccoon!

Game features:

——Authorization of genuine IP, online and offline collection of genuine Water Margin cards

Uni-President Group is authorized to collect all the 108 players in the game. There are also genuine Water Margin cards that can be collected. It is a breakthrough dimension to collect cards!

——Change the card face at will, the new card pays tribute to childhood classics

Classic Water Margin Card or New Water Margin Card? Reject the difficulty of choosing, change as you wish, and have a different style of painting!

——Refuse to be a hitter, collect to be happy and cultivate must be relaxed

Hang up to receive a lot of resources, easily train 108 generals, play and stop at leisure, do not play games!

——You can match the lineup as you like, and you can pass the game even by relying on strength

Five Tigers or Eight Husbands? Form an exclusive superb lineup with hero attributes, camp restraint, strategic collocation, and cross-combat power to pass levels!

——Xinguo Fengshui Margin, new cards pay tribute to childhood classics

The heroic appearance of the Water Margin inherits childhood classics, and the new national style painting technique is upgraded to create a new generation of heroes of the Water Margin!

Little Raccoon Water Margin
Hossam Galal

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