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In 1986, the Soviet Union and the Western bloc were completely annihilated by nuclear bombing from both sides. You are a survivor of this global catastrophe. Your main task is to explore the vast and desolate Soviet wasteland and survive. At the same time, a conspiracy that threatens the rest of the world's civilization is waiting for you to uncover the truth.


A balanced role-playing system based on GURPS. Different combinations of attributes all leading to unique gameplay experiences, dialogues and new ways to tackle quests!

Variety of skills, whether it's lock picking or gambling, there's everything here!

The game offers hours-long experiences in various locations. Or befriend other survivors and visit new settlements that have been rebuilt. Or wander the wilderness, fighting off mutant monsters and dangerous people. Or explore an old military bunker. And of course, you can also enjoy fishing...

A turn-based battle inspired by Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

The inhabitants of the abandoned land are all different, and you will have to explore the good and the bad...

Deep, multi-choice dialogue puts you in the shoes of the game's various non-player characters.

Non-linear gameplay! Exciting quests, choose your own solution as you wish. You're in charge of your game!

Hossam Galal

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