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Rhythm Doctor

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Rhythm Doctor

By: indienova

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Save illness and suffering with one button!

In the world of "Doctor Rhythm", defibrillating the patient's heart with the beat of the heart can produce magical medical effects. As a doctor, just seize the perfect opportunity to press the space bar at the seventh beat of the music.

This rhythm game can be defined by the following keywords:

Simple and rude operating philosophy (press the button in the seventh beat);

Gorgeous and exaggerated sound and picture performance (taking each song as a MV to produce);

Various visual disturbances (yes, more visual disturbances will appear than visual cues);

Weird plot setting (you need to play the role of a heart emergency doctor, and the patients you need to face are strange).

Novice doctors, please be careful, the patients you may face each have their own symptoms, corresponding to a variety of different musical themes: interlaced tempo, hemiola tempo, irregular tempo and so on.

But don’t worry about these very unfamiliar concepts. Unlike most rhythm game levels, which are only arranged from simple to difficult, we also use step-by-step design and continue to add new elements and mechanisms to gradually consolidate, strengthen, integrate, and coordinate with gorgeous performance effects. Let the game content gradually improve. Before you know it, although the player may not have direct contact with music theory, he can still control it handily and perfectly during the game.

Game features:

More than 20 meticulously crafted levels, containing rich plot elements.

Each level introduces the music mechanism step by step, making it easy for players to master and enjoy the joy of growth.

The wonderful performances of doctors and patients interspersed in the all-encompassing story line.

It can be enjoyed by one person alone or by inviting friends to cooperate locally. You can fully appreciate the fun of the game.

Powerful level editor, players can create, share and try out community levels by themselves! At the same time, you can add your own music, carefully adjust the chart, and use our preset more than 50 visual effects and backgrounds.

Highly difficult "dark night mode" specially prepared for experts.

Rhythm Doctor
Hossam Galal

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