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The world: refactoring

The world: refactoring

By: 灵冶游戏

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"Xingjie: Reconstruction" is a Chinese-style sci-fi mobile game.

About the understanding of the Chinese-style science fiction production team>>

[If your life is planned and distributed by AI]

"This is a peach blossom hairpin that I made by imitating ancient cultural relics. I hope you can accept it..."

"You know, according to Tai One's marriage distribution, it is impossible for the two of us to be together."

"But you obviously like me too..."

"In order to maximize social value, this is our obligation."

[If your thoughts and actions are monitored at any time]

"According to the plan of Taiyi Mastermind, now is your meal time, please use it in time."

"I'm in a bad mood now and don't want to eat."

"All arrangements are for the healthier lives of citizens and the lasting development of the Seventh Hospital. Please do not violate the regulations. If you refuse again, you will be recorded as a D-level warning."

[When you master the means of peeking into the brain of others]

"Confirmation of target brain invasion"

"According to the clues collected, you have up to three opportunities to attack the opponent's brain defense wall. Each attack will receive a counterattack. Please confirm whether to start execution."

"The target thinking defense wall has collapsed, and thinking imaging unfolds."

[Do you still believe in what you support]

"The Taiyi mastermind made with virtual imaging technology stands between the buildings, and the body made of neon lights penetrates the dense fog."

"She stared at the vast lights under her feet with kind and firm eyes, and opened her hands slightly, as if she was embracing the greatest city in human history."

"Beside her, the most famous slogan of the Seventh Academy keeps flashing in the mist of the night sky."

"The One is with you."

The world: refactoring
Hossam Galal

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