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Yangchun Yiqu

Yangchun Yiqu

By: 维克斯游戏

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♪Game introduction♪

"Yiqu of Yangchun" is a new national style music rhythm game that combines Chinese classical poetry.

Songs with poems, the first to pay attention to the interaction of lyrics, integrate classical poetry into the game, click on the poems with the rhythm of the music, or draw the words like calligraphy. Players experience the beauty of poems and words while playing. The multi-protagonist and multi-line story mode reproduces historical allusions and reproduces the classic touch.

♪Background story♪

"My talent will be seen by the whole world!"

The protagonist, Chun, came to the bustling city alone, determined to realize his dream of music creation.

However, dreams and reality are ultimately counterproductive...

one day,

He accidentally traveled through ancient times in his sleep and met a mysterious poet...

Can this opportunity change him? "

♪Game features♪

[The first to share the beauty of poetry with interactive lyrics]

Pay attention to the interaction of ancient poems and words. As the music plays, the lyrics appear like subtitles. Come and experience the wonderful feeling of touching the lyrics!

[Over 90 high-quality songs with poems into songs]

The songs are selected from the winning works of the "Old Love and New Love·Classical Poetry Composition and Singing Competition" held by Hanchuang Culture. Appreciating both elegance and popular, classical poetry combined with modern rock, lyrical, jazz and other genres of music will give you a brand-new visual and auditory experience. More linked songs are being updated!

[Gorgeous and changeable spectrum with calligraphic elements]

Through the touch, slide, and drag operations, and the integration of calligraphic text elements, players can draw calligraphic characters with their fingers to complete the performance. Hundreds of gorgeous charts of various difficulties meet the needs of different players.

[Goodbye Li Taebaek's multi-line plot is moved again]

The multi-protagonist and multi-line story mode, the intertwined plot of ancient and modern, reproduces historical allusions in a vivid form, and regains the original sincere touch.

Yangchun Yiqu
Hossam Galal

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