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Yuyu Hakusho Martial Arts Association

Yuyu Hakusho Martial Arts Association

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The most cruel dark event in the Devil

Assemble, Urami's team!

Where are you at the time of life and death?

Flowing years, unchanging feelings. The super-popular manga "You☆you☆White Book" created by Fu Jian Yibo and the animation of the same name produced by Studio Pierrot have conquered the childhood of countless people and became a classic. Today, we have prepared a sincere gift for all fans-the official genuine mobile game "Youyou Hakusho Martial Arts Club", and we sincerely invite fans of "Youyou Hakusho" to participate in the experience.

The game faithfully inherits the passionate tone of the animation, and there are also original voice actors and classic BGM, allowing you to experience the original classics and touching moments. All popular characters have appeared on the stage, build your strongest team in the dark martial arts club, make friends and fight side by side!

Get rid of the shackles of a single traditional card game play, and focus on innovative card real-time battles. Tactical formations, and even move back, let "routines" have more possibilities! Non-round real-time combat, real-time strategy development, hand speed and on-the-spot reaction are indispensable. The automatic skill positioning and hosting mode also allows casual players to free their hands and enjoy the original passionate experience!

Regardless of the player's attributes, I believe everyone can find fun in the colorful world constructed by "Youyou Hakusho Martial Arts Club".

Yuyu Hakusho Martial Arts Association
Hossam Galal

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