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KOF Chronicle

KOF Chronicle

By: SNK株式会社

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The latest smartphone app from the popular fighting game "THE KING OF FIGHTERS" is here! !!


Memories of awakened fights, new original stories,

The long-awaited latest KOF smartphone app "KOF Chronicle", where you can experience the past and the future, opens here!


■ □ ■ Game introduction ■ □ ■

■ Easy-to-operate battle system

A tower defense game with simple operation and outstanding exhilaration.

Successive KOF fighters such as Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Athena Asamiya, Mai Shiranui, and Terry Bogard make an outstanding performance with a narrow screen!

■ Completely new story

First public release of a story that has never been told.

Don't miss the new story that is spun around Orochi and the three sacred treasures!

■ Original story that awakens memories

Includes the story of successive KOFs that are remakes of the original.

Let's relive the epic story!

■ Slimy moving detailed 2D dots

Successive KOF fighters are now available in new dots.

Let's enjoy all the familiar special moves and impressive deciding poses!

■ Various game modes that can be enjoyed in various ways

Let's play a lot of contents such as "Collaboration stage" to challenge with friends, "Trial stage" to train fighters, "Bonus stage" to get luxurious rewards!

■ Incandescent battle function

We hold multiple tournaments such as "Rank Match" and "League Battle", including "Free Match" where you can enjoy unlimited online matches at any time. Let's aim for the top by making full use of our proud fighter!

[Recommended OS version]

Android 4.4 and above


(1) Support is not available for operations other than the recommended model and the recommended OS version.

(2) Depending on the usage situation of the customer, the operation may be unstable even if it is the recommended model.

(3) Regarding the recommended OS version, even if it says "Android 4.4 or higher", it does not necessarily correspond to the latest version.


KOF Chronicle
Hossam Galal

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