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Abandoned Hospital in Mountain Village Old House 2 (beta)

Abandoned Hospital in Mountain Village Old House 2 (beta)

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The Old House in Mountain Village 2 Abandoned Hospital is the second part of "Old House in Mountain Village". The game extends the plot and plot of the previous step. The story comes to a secret and abandoned hospital. The strange atmosphere is revealed everywhere in the hospital. Who caused the detective to stun? Why was it sent here? What's the secret here? It seems that the black hand is looking for with the help of the male lead? The weird figure has been lingering, the abyss gradually hits, what makes the soul restless, and what keeps the people behind it?

Game features:

Story-style game, the plots are intertwined;

The horror is not vulgar, the affectionate in the weird

The interlocking puzzles are full of mists.

Download it with caution when horrifying and horrifying moments;

Abandoned Hospital in Mountain Village Old House 2 (beta)
Hossam Galal

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