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Code name: Rumengling

Code name: Rumengling

By: 趣游科技

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Open your eyes, you cross into the world of seven heroes and five justices. Familiar characters all appear, but they are completely different from what you imagined.

The redwoods remain the same, slightly wrinkled in spring.

The story begins with a murderous murder that happened to you. You become a small catcher, collect information, and want to return everything to the way it was.

But the inexhaustible conspiracy, romance, intrigue, temptation, sweetness... where will the traveler whose life is like a boat be taken?

Is it a doomed fetter, or a miswritten fate?

The rivers and lakes are like a dream, and a sword sets a good relationship.

"Looking back and smile, Hua Jian is back, for fear of being known by Hua"

The classic "Seven Heroes and Five Righteousness" arena, the national style and the scenery of the Northern Song Dynasty.

During the day, Cuju tries out his skills, under the moon, discusses the name of the poem, talks and laughs with Bao Zheng, and discusses tea with Su Shi. The scenery of Bianliang is full of tenderness, hidden in the heart.

"Stopping for a payment, in the shadow of the idle window, watching alone for a long time"

Kaifeng Mansion’s "Nan Xia" Zhanzhao, Jianghu teenager "Jin Maoshu" Bai Yutang, "Spare Prince" Zhao Shu, "Traitor's Son" Pang Yu, and their fateful encounters, what will be the ending?

Gifts with gifts, swan geese spread letters, make encounters... Looking for exclusive memories with him, exclusive interaction, and chatting about lovesickness.

"Pattering flowers is easy to string, sadness is difficult to correct, pulse is chaotic like silk"

The road of female arrest is full of suspicions, meeting with conspiracy, and gambling with fate.

Strategic investigation, recruitment of knights, and the inexhaustible clues to find the "road home" that points to his heart.

"Read it all over, tired of being speechless, can't bear to think more"

Chen Zhang Taikang, Shi Zekun, Ling Fei, Koi... High-profile CV, accompanied by sweet voice throughout.

Tenderness is like water, good times are like a dream, thousands of times, recording each other's heartbeat, and appreciate the different chivalrous tenderness.

Code name: Rumengling
Hossam Galal

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