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Sea of destiny

Sea of destiny

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The Sea of Destiny is a .io casual real-time battle mobile game based on naval battles.

In the game, players upgrade ships and weapons to fight by picking up marine resources. The game currently has three branches with nine different ship upgrades, and four branches with fifteen different weapon upgrades. Players can match ships and weapons by themselves to achieve the ideal combat effect.

In addition, when the player reaches a certain level, the skill gameplay will be unlocked. We provide players with 5 branches and a total of 18 skill combinations. Whether the player chooses to use the power of thunder and storm to defeat the enemy, or ride a huge wave on the battlefield In between, it is up to the player to decide.

Even if it is defeated, the player can be resurrected immediately, and some resources will be immediately obtained based on the previous performance, so that the player can quickly return to the battlefield.

In terms of payment, players can obtain ship skins by opening treasure chests and activities, and use the skins to defeat enemies in a cooler look on the battlefield. At the same time, we will also provide a wealth of interesting activities and their derivative activities to mobilize players' interest in the game, increase the fun of the game, and enable players to obtain their favorite ship shape through multiple channels.

In terms of innovative technology:

The game uses a self-developed frame synchronization framework to ensure that all players have the same information, improve the fluency of the game, greatly reduce network delays, and perfectly solve the problem of excessive server pressure in the traditional development model and unsynchronized games The problem.

At the same time, thanks to the advantages of the frame synchronization framework, the server can monitor all the data in the game in real time, and cooperate with us to perform perfect playback of each game, so that there is nowhere to hide cheating.

In addition, we have also innovatively designed a 3D game interface, which can show a three-dimensional effect like AR by tilting the phone, which will make the player's eyes shine!

Sea of destiny
Hossam Galal

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