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["Pirated bear? No, no, I am a genuine bear!"]

"Teddy Collection" brand authorization, the world's only genuine "Teddy Meng Xiaoxiao" officially arrived. Light pressure, high entertainment, cute and cute pictures grab the hearts of friends!

["You said I am cute? There is someone more cute than me"]

The super-popular classic bear "Ted" accompanies the players in the game. At the same time, the super cute angel "ANGEL" is added to travel around the world of elimination with "Ted", and accompany you to have fun together!

["What? I'm tired of seeing it, then it's better to change the style!"]

"Teddy Elimination" fine graphics, gorgeous elimination special effects and various cute or cute teddy shapes, all show the intentions of the game production, and provide two styles of eliminating squares, serious and The cute "pillow style" and the soft cute "candy style" can switch between the two styles at will. There is always one that suits you!

["I am fun, really "good" fun"]

The traditional match-3 mode is matched with the new "Tianzi match" rules, and you can experience different match-3 fun. Thirteen big maps and more than 200 levels are waiting for you to challenge; the "doll tournament" is exciting and compete with your friends; friends ranking , See who guessed it is the "King of Elimination"?

["Don't worry, I can accompany you without traffic!"]

"Teddy Elimination" removes the flow restriction, and friends can enjoy the happy time brought by cute teddy bears anytime and anywhere. When the traffic is closed, the friends can go through the barriers, the records will be saved locally, and the game data will be synchronized to the server when there is wifi access or the traffic is turned on. Ma Ma said I never worry about running out of my data anymore!

Hossam Galal

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