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Mobile City Alpha

Mobile City Alpha

By: 网易游戏

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"Mobile City Alpha" is NetEase's first urban comic-style action shooting mobile game. In the near-future mobile city, a mysterious contest was born out of thin air. You will control the mech and join the players representing all forces on the stage of global attention and fight for the honor of the championship. Here, in addition to shooting and teamwork, you also need to learn to control all kinds of novel weapons and gorgeous mecha vehicles, and use superb combat strategies and agile operations to fight against powerful mechas and opponents.

[Game Features]

1. Start the Awakening simultaneously in the S1 season!

The first round of benefits is full, and the "Arthur" mech will be given as soon as you enter the venue, and you will get a colorful ten-draw when you go online!

When the wind arrives, Wanlong pays courtesy. The public beta is very sincere, and the new Guofeng elemental mech "Baifeng" is the world's major premiere!

The S1 season "Hot-Blood Pioneer" limited collection skins "Iori-Flowing Fire Phoenix Ling" and "Skylark-Red Lotus Karma Fire" are released!

2. There is never a clear boundary between reality and the future

The near-future urban sense Japanese comic style, supports ultra-high frame rate and ultimate picture quality. The immersive visual effects truly break the dimensional fantasy, and upgrade the art quality to bring better scene performance. Contestants, please get ready to land, the new mobile city will be unveiled!

3. The whole series of mecha characters form a bond and bloody battle

How deep is the bond between man and mecha? Perhaps the clues have been seen since the birth of the original mecha.

Dual-wielding Gatling "Firefox", melee ace "Arthur", and flying "Skylark"... This time, all mechas are called to help you win the honor that belongs to the Alpha Knight!

4. Multiple gameplay modes are far more than the winner is king

In addition to the classic "victor is king" and "team confrontation" game system, there are also many new modes: experience 4v4 pure mecha confrontation in the "cloning front"; start a pure-drive gun duel in "Weapon Master"; In the "Swift Battlefield" there is a quick battle and so on.

The 6 regular modes of the public beta are all open, and the 4 major entertainment gameplays are rotated every week, and the rich gameplay is waiting for you to fight. Every time you stand on the SMC arena is a unique passionate journey!

5. The start of the game is full of unlimited ammunition and firepower

Reject monotonous firearms. Dozens of traditional and trendy sci-fi weapons are mixed and matched. The appearance of the weapons can be customized as you wish, showing full personality.

Refusal to start "falling to the ground", enter the arena with its own weapons, unlimited ammunition, automatic blood return, roll forward, skateboard show audience, and can tear mechs with bare hands. Come and experience the passion of the front gun!

Mobile City Alpha
Hossam Galal

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