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Novelist Simulation 2 (beta)

Novelist Simulation 2 (beta)

By: 超神网络

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Do you remember the first time you came into contact with online literature, and the comics, TV series, movies, and games it adapted?

Do you want to be an online novelist? I am your representative of a novel producer, Claypot...Ahem, I got the wrong notice.

Start with a pen, three meals of instant noodles, and more words every day. From an obscure novelist to a well-known online literary god!


Novelist Simulation 2 is a business simulation game. You will play an unknown novelist in the game. In order to fulfill your dream as soon as possible, all you need to do is to eat. In addition to having to bear high rents, they face the risk of bankruptcy at any time. In order to get rid of this predicament as soon as possible, work together so that you can get rid of the predicament as soon as possible and embark on the peak of life.


Game features

Real life simulation

In the game, you will live in a small rental house, wake up by an alarm clock in the morning, eat instant noodles, and then write, take a lunch break at noon, go for a walk in the afternoon, play with your mobile phone before going to bed, suppress the Internet, and then go to sleep.

You can even play other mobile games in this game, feed a puppy, and own a garden!

At the same time, in your writing career, from the beginning of obscurity, to having the first subscription, the first reader comment, every decision you make will have a huge impact on your future development!

True writing career

In the writing process, you will improve your writing ability and codeword speed as your writing proficiency, and choose the most popular themes to write as much as possible at the beginning, and as your ability becomes stronger and stronger, even if it is an unpopular theme You can also play with ease~

※Dozens of topics are free to choose, and each topic wants to get different reader feedback!

※Collection, recommendation, subscription, monthly pass, annual selection! Real novel evaluation indicators!

※When your work becomes popular and becomes an IP, various big guys will come to talk about publishing physical books, adapting comics, animations, TV series, movies, and mobile games!

※Fictions after the completion of the book will also have continuous income! Relying on a few novels to eat and drink is not a dream!

Real and simulated management

It’s definitely not a stand-alone game~ The game will remain the core of a stand-alone game~ The game is played for the purpose of clearance~ Every player can play hard to the end instead of succumbing to advertisements and krypton gold! Except for reasonable adverts~ Absolutely not Any novel income that affects the player!

※Game acceleration is open throughout

※Any income generated by writing novels will not be affected by krypton money and advertising~

※There is no meaningless numerical accumulation, and every operation will be full of meaning~ There will never be a practice of forcibly adding holes in order to extend the game time~

Novelist Simulation 2 (beta)
Hossam Galal

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