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Alice is wardrobe

Alice is wardrobe

By: 朝九晚五工作室

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"I have been looking forward to meeting you a long time ago."

——"Alice's Wardrobe" Dress Up Story is officially open for reservations today!

※The dress-up story of the original role of Arina Tanemura

※Plenty of dress-up characters break the established rules of dress-up

※Tens of thousands of fashion parts freely design your own style

※Explore a dream journey in another world with luxury voice actors

You will take the entrusted Alice and assume the responsibility of guarding the mainland.


An accidental encounter, you awakened a mysterious seed named Alice, and unintentionally opened the door to another world. In order to find a way to return to the original world, you and the youth "Zhi Gui" from Dreamland embarked on an adventure in another world. After the tense and gorgeous flower competitions, various strange phenomena gradually emerged in the calm continent...

Dressing up your exclusive Alice is the key to tracing the truth.

are you ready?

[Game Features]

[Millions of wardrobes can be installed as you wish]

Gorgeous and exquisite rich fashion parts, dedicated to creating perfect details.

The unique element design made according to your heart will light up your entire wardrobe.

[Luxury voice actors to accompany warmly]

The dream mainland residents with different personalities have their own gentleness.

The intimate phone greetings of the long journey will help you forget the annoyance of reality.

[Immersive experience in rich scenes]

A dream trip to another world continent and feel the local customs of the small town.

Explore the plot to unlock various scenes and customize your personality story.

[Create a dream dress up story]

Collect gorgeous and exquisite fashions to create unlimited dressing possibilities.

Rebuild the sweet dream of dressing up and compose a moving chapter of adventure.

Take Alice Flower Spirit to the Dreamland and start your own fantasy journey!

Alice is wardrobe
Hossam Galal

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