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Cat Hotel Story

Cat Hotel Story

By: Blingame可口游戏工作室

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Hello everyone! We are Blingame Delicious Game Studio, this is our new work!

"Cat Hotel Story" is a casual puzzle game + placement and collection cat management game. The story tells that you travel around the world in order to retrieve your lost cat "Chai Chai". During the trip, you met all kinds of cats who were wandering outside. You brought them home, and they gradually took your home as a "hotel" to live in, so you became the "owner of the cat hotel" "I take care of these wayward and cute cats every day~~

Game features:

(1) Cute! Must be cute! Let me, Kangkang, who is saying bad things about the master? !

(2) Real cat voice actor, original voice dubbing, sexy meow online voice (very emotional meow!~~

(3) Relax and relax magic, nourish the brain, protect the hair and protect the liver

The original intention of the game design is to hope that more people can pay attention to the rescue of stray cats. I hope this cute and loving game can move you~ Thank you~

Come and join the team of reminders, let's let the cat cloud reminder together!

Remind the cat group: 991833506 (Members of the cat group will get exclusive gift packs after the game is officially launched!)

"Cat Hotel Story" official Weibo:

Cat Hotel Story
Hossam Galal

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