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One Hundred Scenes of Jiangnan

One Hundred Scenes of Jiangnan

By: 椰岛游戏

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"Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River" is an ancient-style simulated business mobile game, created by the original team of "Transcendence Hospital".

Jiangnan was robbed in the Ming Dynasty, and a hundred waste is waiting for prosperity. Players need to play the role of Wen Zhengming, redraw the Ming Dynasty Jiangnan's prosperous scene, and create your own map of the Jiangnan hundred sceneries. Enjoy the daily life of the Ming Dynasty water village in the landscape painting.

You will become a city designer, drawing blueprints, constructing buildings, planning layouts, and operating to make money. At the same time, arrange the residents' daily life and work, freehand the world, or lead everyone on adventures...

Here is your paradise, the Wizard of Oz.

One Hundred Scenes of Jiangnan
Hossam Galal

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