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Pet day group

Pet day group

By: 嘉人互动

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"Pet Tian Tuan" is a casual development game that combines pet development + fighting figure combat. Bring your cute pets, collect spoof emoticons, call three or five friends, and have a fun fight (tear) picture (force).

【Featured Play】

◆True·Doutu System◆

☆Unique semi-real-time combat, easy and simple to get started

☆A variety of funny emoticons can be used as attack animations in battle, come on, hurt each other~

◆Spoof full of body changes◆

☆What, have you eaten into a big head baby? What, fatter again?

☆Farewell to the immutable pet model, each cat and dog will have a different body shape, and can be changed again on this basis

◆Rich pets development◆

☆Feeding, resting, training, dispatching, the operation is simple and fast, all in one go, is the hero of the shoveling officer

☆Perfect Destiny*** (Thousands of Miles of Marriage Linked by One Line), bred stronger next generation

◆Free definition of pet attributes◆

☆Abandon the fixed binding settings, and raise pets more freely

☆Various attributes can be customized freely, my pet is the master

◆Community Dating◆

☆Reproduce the classic "Stealing Vegetables" gameplay, and be careful of friends "snatch the sheep"

☆Visiting and supporting each other and having fun together***

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Pet Day Group-Player 1 Group: 581566615

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Pet day group
Hossam Galal

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