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Battle Hymn of Dawn

Battle Hymn of Dawn

By: 成都地瓜网络科技有限公司

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This is a European and American dark wind MMORPG mobile game, it is called "War Song of Dawn"

The characters use next-generation pbr rendering technology, while using VUE technology to create next-generation scenes, bringing an excellent visual experience; on the basis of traditional gameplay, the game features are enriched, and the game experience is optimized, so that players can experience a more interesting experience. Fuller game content.

The game profession changes from the original iron triangle of warfare and animal husbandry to the new skills that appear after the basic profession transfer, which will make the game experience a great change.

Each profession becomes a unique existence in the dungeon, and some professions are necessary for the dungeon.

For example, in a 20-person team instance, players are required to work closely together. In order to solve the professional needs of team formation, we have redesigned professional skills.

In addition, the special functions in the game are everywhere, jumping out of the traditional RPG game mode.

【Trial in the Secret Realm】

——Extra rewards for leading the team in idle time

Want to play but don't have time? Find a captain to take you to a trial in the secret realm! Tap to follow the phone and throw it aside, the level will continue to rise! You can still keep up without growing manually.

【Trading Bank】

——Prevent free trading houses in the studio

A safe and reliable trading house to eliminate illegal traders and studios. All your output (including equipment, materials and experience) can be sold at a reasonable price

【No Mopping】

——Don't let the mopping up destroy the copy

Team up to conquer the secret dungeon, operation and cooperation are indispensable, to prevent boring monsters, and prevent the mopping function from ruining the dungeon! Let's open up wasteland with friends, base friends, and friends!

【Tutor System】

-Conditional screening of favorite mentors

The mentor matching system of "Warsong of the Dawn" allows you to find a mentor that better meets your requirements by filtering through conditions. After the apprenticeship is successful, the apprentice can get a luxurious gift package presented by the master, and give back higher rewards to the instructor for free.

【Wild Boss】

——Fighting face and hand speed is the wild boss who does not fight money

The wild boss is refreshed regularly, and whoever clicks it will go to whoever clicks. There is no monopoly on the charter anymore. In addition to the full hand speed, but also the face

For three years, what the Sugon team wants to bring to everyone is the heartbeat, favorite, and heart-warming game experience. We are here, waiting for you to come together to witness the growth of "Dawn Warsong".

Battle Hymn of Dawn
Hossam Galal

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