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Hurricane escape

Hurricane escape

By: SG Games

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Cyclonus Escape is a GTA style open world sandbox racing game. In this open world, you will drive a variety of vehicles, wreak havoc, avoid police cars and helicopters, break through blockades, and become the most wanted criminal by the police.

The game includes a complete vehicle upgrade system, wanted star system, prop system and reward system. Each level is a random open infinite map, allowing you to freely explore this complex and unknown world.

The game includes a Game Center ranking system. You can upload your scores, challenge players all over the world, and share the joy of the game.


-Various destructible road facilities

-Wanted Star System

-Unlimited open levels

-A variety of props

-Collect coins, unlock and upgrade vehicles

-Stunning visual effects

-Fully hand-painted stickers

-Advanced physics engine

-Simple operation, easy to use

-Support all IOS devices

-Two languages are available: Simplified Chinese and English

-Support game center and leaderboard system

-Support players who challenge the world

Hurricane escape
Hossam Galal

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