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Turbulent times

Turbulent times

By: Yeahoo工作室

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Three Kingdoms theme placement game "Meng Chao Tuan" was born with the classic pixel art style. Hundreds of military commanders smashed the troubled times, and the heroes competed to stage a magical chaos. Hang up on the casual vertical screen, call soldiers on the battlefield for half an hour, and go online to close the city every day. Playing with the wind and cloud strategy, reproduce the Guandu Chibi with the weak over the strong. The lord's seat is waiting to be vacant, come and build your own three kingdoms in the palm of your hand!

Game features:

[Magic Brawl is fun against cute pixel placement mobile game]

The theme of the Three Kingdoms matches the cute pixel style, classic double kills, and awakens the feelings of teenagers. Hundreds of heroes, many forces staged magical chaos, memories and senses are awakened together, relive the bloody years of the Three Kingdoms.

[Show personal charm and recruit 100 loyal generals]

Will you be the lord who dominates the audience? Various generals possess unique skills, and each hero has his own unique skills and talents. Cool modeling and innovative fighting modes stimulate the fun of development, and the loyalty of hundreds of military commanders is waiting for you to accept!

[The direction of training is up to you to build the most powerful group in the Three Kingdoms]

Cultivating and using different heroes will bring a unique combat experience. Find the hero with the best tune with you. Only by "smelling similar" can you become the strongest team. Go into battle with a tacit understanding, and feel the troubled times on the battlefield!

[It's common to beat the strong with the weak. It's a mental job]

The four forces are divided, the genre is selected, the 6V6 lineup is matched, the heroes are compatible and mutually exclusive, and the strategy hides the mystery in depth. I really can't play without any brain power!

[On-hook combat does not hurt the liver, but can also be upgraded while eating and sleeping]

Offline and on-hook automatic battles, the heroes will attack the pool for you 24 hours a day. There are surprises with offline income every day! Abandon complicated operations, no need to fight for a long time, hang up to win huge rewards!

Turbulent times
Hossam Galal

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