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Summoner development note

Summoner development note

By: 柠檬酱游戏

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The Dres Magic Academy is a famous institution on the magical continent. It is the ideal hall for all magicians. Summoners are a unique line of magicians. They can use their spiritual power to summon heroes to do things for themselves. Alyssa is an outstanding summoner of the Magic Academy. She is very smart and brave and is highly regarded by her teacher Dress.

Recently, a large number of unknown monsters suddenly invaded the world and disrupted the world order. Summoners have summoned heroes to resist the invasion of monsters, and Alyssa is one of them...Alyssa has never faced such a large-scale actual attack directly. Although she has no experience, her sense of mission drives her to defend the world. I never thought that this fierce battle was started because of myself...

-Place class rpg-

Place it in your free time to easily become a hero. Brushing gold coins to brush monsters is still automatic and fast.

-Automatic battle-

Sleep and eat, think about ordering, and free your hands!

-Four major occupations-

Summoners have different spiritual powers and can summon characters with different specializations. Warriors, archers, mages and priests, four professions to choose from, match up the most suitable lineup.

-Dispatch tasks-

Dispatch tasks automatically cycle, and receive generous rewards in real time! Come gold coins come quickly, develop more comfortable~~

-Mysterious copy-

Different mysterious dungeons hide all kinds of BOSS, defeat the BOSS to get randomly dropped materials and weapons, upgrade and strengthen the hero.

The world has fallen, how can a genius summoner stand on the sidelines and let it be a merman! Come and summon your heroes to defend the continent and restore the normal order of the world!

Summoner development note
Hossam Galal

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