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A Journey of Kungfu

A Journey of Kungfu

By: 那颗星球工作室

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"A Journey of Kungfu" is game built by a very ingenious game developer.

A female producer leads a team of 4 guys (art, music, copywriting, procedures), all in their spare time, polishing the first two years, making their first game.

"A Journey of Kungfu" is a very contradictory martial arts game

Extremely Buddhist idle system and random events VS. Real time combat system and hard-core cultivation strategies

"A Journey of Kungfu" is a tribute to the classic plot of Wuxia world

No matter if you are a traditional martial arts fan, or a fan of martial arts novel, you can meet your own kungfu world in A Journey of Kungfu.

"A Journey of Kungfu" is a highly freedom RogueLike game.

Hundreds of mainline spur plot events require players to make left and right choices, countless random events, more than a dozen endings, eight sects, hundreds of martial arts, nearly a hundred passive/active skill effects, dozens of NPCs, give each player an unique experience.

"A Journey of Kungfu" is a very play-hard-to-win semi-open-world game

Although there are detailed tutorials and instructions in the early stages of travel, it is necessary to constantly try various martial arts combinations, plan the cultivation strategies, especially if you want to see all the endings!

"A Journey of Kungfu" is a game that focuses on the player experience.

From the MUD like, female-oriented, casual-oriented martial arts game, listened to the player's opinions many times, repeatedly overturned and redo, and then turned into a martial arts with elegant UI, intense fighting, and roguelike game.

A Journey of Kungfu
Hossam Galal

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