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Code name: Gunner 2

Code name: Gunner 2

By: Parthenon Games

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Hello everyone, it's us again! After "Gunner: Zombie Survivor", we have made a new gameplay! Of course, gun fans don’t worry, "Gunner: Zombie Survivor" will continue to be updated, including the online mode you need!

The new game "Codename: Gunslinger 2" inherits the plot of the previous generation, um, still can’t be spoiled

There are various characters in the game, and every survivor can use exclusive melee, exclusive guns and learning general-purpose guns!


There are all kinds of grenade

Location defense

To survive

To be supplied

want. . .

Well, let's reveal so much first! Put the picture under development for everyone to see

Gunman series QQ group number: 264812832

Code name: Gunner 2
Hossam Galal

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