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High Energy Arena

High Energy Arena

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Hello Tapers,

"High Energy Arena"-In the fast-paced battle of 3 minutes, you will find a combination of turn-based RPG, deck collocation, battle flag placement and other competitive strategy elements. In the ever-changing PVP battle, this is a pure tactical competition. Supporting protection and knowing the enemy's weakness is the "high power" you need as a commander-know yourself and the enemy, and you won't be defeated in all battles.

There are no complicated systems and tedious operations. Only easy-to-handle, addictive core battles.

There are not too many rules and restrictions here. There is only a chessboard where the battle is changing rapidly. Create your own strongest deck and defeat evenly matched opponents!

It seems simple here, but it's really mysterious.

The winner here is the kingship

Fearless warriors in dynamic PvP battles of 3 minutes each! You can summon epic and legendary war heroes in your team to defeat any opponent you encounter! Prove that you are the strongest warrior in the entire Panjila continent!

Game features:

●Turn-based and fast-paced innovative combat system. Real strategy and tactics!

●Hundreds of heroes can be combined and matched at will.

●With unique fighting skills, epic commander in command.

●The original PVP system (Ladder Battlefield, Brawl, Tower of Darkness, Abyss, etc.) you can get rich rewards from it!

●The abyss battlefield in the game can experience the epic story-like single player battle. A true hero's journey!

●Enclosure War is a unique game mode. Guilds can occupy and attack territories to get rewards. Your guild can have unlimited glory!

●Upgrading heroes and gaining unique bonds can greatly enhance your team's combat effectiveness, help you win victory and dominate the continent!

Get your heroes out of the box -> Recruit and strengthen your heroes-> Form your own team-> Defeat other players in PVP-> Join the strongest guild alliance-> Become NO.1!

High Energy Arena
Hossam Galal

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