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So-called fairy

So-called fairy

By: 怕一笑

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"What is a fairy? What is a demon?" What is your answer?

Since ancient times, the two realms of immortals and demons have been representatives of justice and evil. For the understanding of justice and evil, one thousand people will have a thousand understandings in their hearts.

Cultivating an immortal and becoming a demon may just be in one thought.

Tathagata does evil ways, and he is also a demon! The Buddha in the heart is the Buddha, the demon in the heart is the devil, the immortals, and the demons are just undialysisable appearances!

A true hero might be like the Sun Xingzhe in Journey to the West, the immortal and the demon, evil and righteous coexist, with a pair of golden eyes that can see through the appearance...

"The So-called Fairy and Demons" is a virtual magical world where people, fairies and demons coexist, and you will walk into this world and act as an unknown person who has just entered the world. You can practice immortality or enter the magical way!


Here, you start to go in separate ways, either fairy or devil, but don’t forget your original intention...

So-called fairy
Hossam Galal

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