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The new image of the Three Kingdoms

The new image of the Three Kingdoms

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"New Image of the Three Kingdoms" is a mobile game based on the theme of the Three Kingdoms and emphasizing competition. It retains the card elements of the previous game and adds elements related to war chess. As in the previous game, in "The New Image of the Three Kingdoms", players will play the role of a monarch in the Three Kingdoms period and send various civil servants and generals to play on the battlefield.

This is a fair competitive game, players need to use their own wisdom enough to win the challenge again and again in the game.

In addition to Apple and Android, the game currently targets H5, WeChat mini-game platforms, etc., and plans to be served on all platforms.

In this game, the focus of the player game is still to match various cards, obtain more optimized resource consumption in the battle, and defeat the opponent to win. The currently developed content that is different from the previous one is:

1. The characters will appear in the battle as characters in the Q version, even if they are small unknown characters, they all have their own unique shapes.

2. In order to facilitate the role display, the battlefield is a horizontal battle with perspective, and a total of 10 generals can participate in the battle.

3. Regarding the deck, regardless of the quality of the card, a player can only bring one card to the deck. All generals cards are universal cards.

4. The roles have professional divisions, such as shooter, sailor, infantry and cavalry, etc.

5. Introduce the formation gameplay. In the game, players can change their own formation through some behaviors in the game to achieve some effects. For example, a silent formation that allows generals to ambush, a white horse formation that allows cavalry to rush into the formation, a longbow formation that allows archers to release arrows, and so on.

6. This game also has war chess gameplay, which strengthens the importance of position and grid. Some skills will be used for grids or formations.

The new image of the Three Kingdoms
Hossam Galal

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