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"Car Ball Club" (English name: Tiresmoke) is a multiplayer real-time sports competition competition game, which not only integrates the characteristics of racing competition and football competition, but also satisfies the changing skills of players. From gameplay to atmosphere, you can experience the game in an all-round way. The excitement!

====Game Features====

[Combination of racing and football, coexisting speed and skill]

Extremely fast chasing and violent shooting, the perfect combination of the two game types

Drive the coolest car and kick the most exciting shots!

[High-precision 3D model, exquisite visual feast]

Three-dimensional stadium, tail inflammation injection, fetal smoke explosion, and glandular hormone rush

Diversified skins and special effects, control your own unique style!

[Four position model settings, exclusive nirvana lore]

Control cars with four different attributes and nirvana skills: forward, avant-garde, full-back and guard

Dribbling, collision, interception, world wave, a different scoring experience!

[2V2 team PK, refused to accept the battle]

Global single player, team match competition

National battle? Drive our car to the court to see the truth, come here!

Official car group: 864557623

Car club
Hossam Galal

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