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Survival Story

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"Survival Story" is a survival adventure mobile game that focuses on real-time tactical confrontation.

The game story takes place in the future. With the assistance of AI, humans successfully cracked the brain mechanism and realized the brain-computer interface. In order to obtain a substantial increase in productivity, AI has been implanted in the human body on a large scale, becoming an extension of the brain. A large number of carbon-based silicon-based fusion transformation people and AI are connected to the intelligent network, and the productivity is unprecedentedly developed and it is also heavily dependent on the intelligent network. Decades later, an unknown virus broke out, and the intelligent society immediately fell into shock. Civilization quickly collapsed. Only a handful of humans, transformed people, and AI survived and survived in the most primitive way. After a hundred years of arduous maintenance, survivors around the world have established a more stable alliance and began to look for the cause of the Zhiwang virus outbreak. The player plays a surviving reformer who decides to survive on his own after the disaster. Through the natural resources obtained in the environment, they can make houses and food to maintain their survival. And through manufacturing production equipment, improving their own weapons and equipment, exploring various base stations controlled by AI, launching adventures in dangerous underground prisons, rescuing other survivors captured due to AI chaos, and forming their own survival team.

Game features

[RTT battle, extreme operation]

The game uses a real-time tactical mode similar to "Allied Death Squad". The enemy's attack is simple and deadly. It needs to be carefully observed, avoid the enemy's field of vision, use lurking reasonably, and get around the enemy's back. If you are accidentally spotted, you must move flexibly to avoid the enemy's support forces. The types and positions of defensive guards are also set by the players themselves, which is full of various possibilities. The whole battle process is full of participation, with equal emphasis on thinking and operation.

Game features

[Rescue team members, competition for resources]

The game is no longer a one-person battle, and requires team members to cooperate in the implementation of tactics. Different combinations reflect different tactical ideas. Each team member has a distinctive personality and outstanding characteristics. Some can snipe, some can bury mines, some can crack, some can disguise, etc., simple and practical. When playing, the team members will not be managed by the system, each of them can be operated independently, and the control can be switched at will. The entire battle process is completely controlled by yourself. Team rescue requires players to explore freely in the game, where danger and opportunity exist.

[Crack the outpost and deploy heavily]

The outpost is the only production area of rare resources. Protecting this area is the top priority. All facilities can be freely deployed. Walls, mines, mechanical soldiers with vision, drones that can patrol, and turrets that kill in one hit! You can focus on guarding resources or building. Ten thousand players will have one ten thousand defense methods. Different defense ideas create different defense systems. Absolute intellectual confrontation.

【Build a home and survive adversity】

You will not be attacked by defending your outpost homes. Players are required to give full play to the character of our infrastructure madness, build various equipment and tools, and try their best to improve this free world. The game will continue to add new equipment, tools, and formulas. object. It takes a little bit of patience and a little bit of diligence to design your own home, build a complete industrial ecological chain, and build a new home that is prosperous and beautiful.

[Human-machine integration, AI fight]

The game world is a continuous world composed of nearly 30 areas, and each player has a different combination method, which requires exploration one by one. And from time to time, some special events affect the overall situation. Hostile AI transformers and biochemicals are scattered all over the area, with more than 10 AI control stations hidden in them, all of which require players to make breakthroughs cautiously.

Survival Story
Hossam Galal

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