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Power and glory

Power and glory

By: 祖龙娱乐

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The world of fierce warfare, let you gallop! "Power and Glory" is the first mobile game for making friends for all people launched by Zulong Entertainment. Embark on the journey with your destiny, join hands with your brothers to form your national team, and start a bloody battle with foreign players on the global battlefield. Those who dare to violate the border will be punishable even if they are far away! The game is equipped with a live broadcast function, allowing you to call the microphone command anytime, anywhere, and release your passion! In addition to fighting, you can also be tender, come to the game live broadcast room, and be intimate with the beautiful anchors, give rewards, and win the envy of players all over the world. Form a team of 5 people, rush into the enemy's hinterland, teleport instantly, and land in the enemy's city. The fast and fierce light competitive gameplay makes you unable to stop! Here, you will have ever-changing fashions, dazzling wings, madly dragging your mounts, carrying knives and drinking blood with "Pheasant" brother Chen Xiaochun, and fighting on the battlefield; "Southern Expedition and Northern War NZBZ" sing with passion and passion The singing inspires your infinite fighting spirit; the knife is in your hand, the blood is burning, the brother is here, and you can fight anytime! All passion is in "Power and Glory"!

Power and glory
Hossam Galal

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