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National Dragon

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"National Dragon Race" is a 3D magical mobile game independently developed by Excellent Game!

Game features:

[Multi-heroes switch supernatural combat in wartime]

A new mode of action mobile game, real-time control of 3 heroes switching, at the same time, imagine a variety of combinations of moves, and enjoy the ultimate blow pleasure.

[New height of action mobile game, free PK without limit]

Smooth operability, refreshing strike feeling, cool character skills, precise positioning, and barrier-free exchanges between players.

[End-game picture quality shocking visual feast]

Unity3D engine is developed and built, jointly developed by Chinese and Korean teams, and carefully polished to perfectly present 3D dynamic image quality.

[Rich BOSS battle experience]

There are more than 10 team bosses with tactical changes at each stage. Players need to change different heroes, move strictly, and cooperate with each other to conquer the boss.

[Cross-server real-time arena]

Full server players are matched across servers, friends can learn freely, 3V3 team battles, fair competition, and barrier-free communication and interaction in the main city.

As the inheritor of the orthodox magic game, "Nationwide Dragon Race" complements the classic plot and perfect combat experience. The main content is plot restoration, hero cooperation, team adventure, competitive confrontation, team confrontation, free trading, and league guilds.

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National Dragon
Hossam Galal

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