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Wukong Legend Mobile Game

Wukong Legend Mobile Game

By: 汇享合一

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"Wukong Biography" is the latest oriental magical MMORPG mobile game launched in 2017. It is authorized by Jinhezai's original novel and the big movie of the same name. The plot restores the movie settings, and strives to create a fantasy, magnificent, rich and vivid Chinese magical world for players. The four major occupations of Monkey, God General, Yunxia and Tianxian will be opened in the early stage. Players can experience the characteristics of equipment forging, Taoism practice, magic weapon breeding, and spirit beast training, and enjoy the PVE gameplay and fighting skills that feature the growth of the wild + dungeon double line. , Xianshan Scramble and other multiplayer PVP gameplay. This is the biography of Wukong starring you, the new plot is written by you!

Wukong Legend Mobile Game
Hossam Galal

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