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God of Hegemony

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"God for Hegemony" tells an exquisite and exquisite European fantasy blending magnificent story. Humans use the power of various gods to fight back against the grand poem of the great evil god. Domination of the gods, three realms for hegemony!

▼Story background

After the destruction of Babel, mankind became a sheep to be slaughtered by God. The gods returned to their long-lost dormant state, and the human world returned to peace again. However, as the years went by, the gods gradually awakened from dormancy. They were surprised to find that the power of faith that the gods enjoyed and depended on was gradually diverging, and the gods of some of the gods had gradually become abnormal, even On the verge of being degraded to sub-shenzhen. In order to gain more believers, various gods sent their tribes and clones to play the role of prophets and perform miracles in the world, and disputes arose all at once.

The "turmoil of the gods" that poisoned the human world did not last. The demons who have coveted the Three Realms for thousands of years have seized the opportunity to invade the God Realm. The God Realm occupied because of emptiness confirmed the prophecy of the God of Creation. The gods were stirred up by the gears of fate and the greed of the demons, leading to the fall of countless gods and demons.

The God Realm has completely collapsed; the Devil Realm cannot be alone. While the gods and demons are declining, the surviving human beings, as the source of the power of belief in gods and demons, have gradually mastered the method of controlling them. Human beings, a species more greedy than the devil, gradually moved to the forefront of the stage.

This time, all the three realms of man, god, and demons must be incorporated into the territory of the human empire! The battle for hegemony of the gods who conquered the three realms has gradually begun!

▼Gameplay innovation tests the player's strategic level in the most perfect picture

The gameplay is not complicated. At a reasonable point in time, you can dispatch appropriate gods or launch direct attack magic skills. However, the operation is simple and not brainless. The biggest difference between this game and a large number of automatic battle RPGs is that players must use their strategies to the extreme in order to break through the ultimate defense of the evil god.

▼Real-time strategy real-time manual operation, the entire battle is under your control

In addition to the exquisite levels waiting to be overcome in the Three Realms of Humans, Gods and Demons, players can also engage in intense and fierce confrontations. On the stage of history, who can stand on the top of the Three Realms, and who will rise and fall? Is it a veteran from the golden age of real-time strategy or a next-generation player who dominates smartphone games? It's useless to say more than you can know.

▼Abundant benefits help you brave heroes to soar on the road to hegemony

The game is built-in rich virtual treasure output, whether it is all kinds of activities or level output, the god of creation is not stingy. For more benefits, please pay attention to the official announcement.

Friendly Reminder of Creation God: On the way to dominate the Three Realms, get to know reliable comrades in arms, fight against the violent gods and demons, and be careful of the fallen human races who become pawns of the gods and demons.

Experience the groundbreaking gameplay, immerse yourself in the European-style magic plot, join the War of the Gods, and dominate the gods and the Three Realms for hegemony!

God of Hegemony
Hossam Galal

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