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Records of Wulin Strange Events

Records of Wulin Strange Events

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****************Game Introduction****************

The 3D Oriental Magical Martial Arts ARPG Mobile Game "Wulin Strange Record" is here, Xiangxiang wants to join hands with you to enter the world! From Dunhuang with long yellow sands to Jiangnan with small bridges and flowing waters, please take the fragrant and fragrant heroes to a unique world of rivers and lakes, and help the world justice with the Mohist school. Online real-time PK, prove martial arts with the world's knights! There are six occupations for a character, and the melee and long-range will change with your heart! You can also recruit doormen and you to enter the world, and hundreds of masters from each door can quietly recruit you! Also explore the Dragon Gate treasures, experience the mystery of the Great Qin Dragon Vessel, join the player with the invasion of the Great Ling Warriors, and create the first gang of rivers and lakes with your friends. You can also accompany Xiangxiang to go fishing, walk through the maze, and transport all kinds of red darts. There are endless ways to play, to verify the ups and downs of the children of the rivers and lakes!

****************Game Features****************

[Sword, light, sword, shadow, fist to the flesh]

The game is developed with a powerful Unity3D engine. The quiet courtyard torii, the falling Champs leaves, the bustling town streets, the solemn palace and shrine, each scene and every detail of the soy milk Ukiyo-e scroll, delicate and beautiful. Every character's clothing has been carefully refined, from Shaolin cassock to Japanese ***, every piece of equipment has been carefully modeled, and strive to create the most perfect temperament of the character.

[One character, six weapons]

There is no need to choose a profession. "Swords", "swords", "guns", "bows", "fists" and "concealed weapons" have their own characteristics. Players can switch weapons at will to change the combat mode during the battle. Six weapons are equipped with six sets of different skills. Create 6 kinds of experiences at once, and the game process is no longer boring because of a single profession.

[Real-time PK, peak duel]

Huashan Lunjian, single player real-time PVP. Players enter the battlefield through single-player matchmaking, compete with other players in real time, and prove to the world who is the best knight in the world!

Peak duel, team up for real-time PVP. Players form their own PVP team and perform real-time PVP together with their teammates. The maximum support is 3 people team, 6 people can compete on the same field at the same time, and the strongest trio will be the world!

[Hundreds of gatekeepers, dominate the rivers and lakes]

There are five attributes of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, and a variety of combat skills such as power attack, omnipotence, competition, and defense. A total of hundreds of sects will join you in the arena and help the world. There are mutual fetters between different doormen, and after awakening, you can master more powerful power and become a weapon for you to unify the rivers and lakes!

[Enriched gameplay, put yourself in the rivers and lakes]

Explore the hidden treasures of the imperial tombs, bravely break into the bronze formation, and explore the treasure house of the Dragon Gate. Team up with your friends in the adventures of the Great Qin Dragon, and you can also fight with your martial arts friends to compete with your opponents. Prove your strength in the ring match and shock the world in martial arts battles. Become a hero and a hero, you can also rob the rich and help the poor, and become famous all over the world. Apart from the disputes between the rivers and lakes, fishing on the Champs, on the top of the Forbidden City, a glimpse of the world!

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Come and join hands with Xiangxiang! Heroes, see you!

Records of Wulin Strange Events
Hossam Galal

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