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Champion Godfather

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The FIFPro authorized mobile game "The Godfather of Champions" is currently the only football manager mobile game authorized by FIFA FIFPro in China. The game contains a total of nearly 6,000 real player images and detailed personal data from more than 50 countries and major leagues. Players will enter a completely real world of football, realize the ideal of football manager, and create a unique green festival.

[Game Features]

★FIFPro's only authorized K-League designated game★

Officially authorized by FIFA FIFPro, it is currently the only football manager mobile game authorized by FIFA in China.

★The most realistic football experience with synchronized lineups in seven leagues★

With real and detailed graphics and high-level game quality, the game is officially synchronized with the real lineups of the seven major leagues around the world for the first time, allowing players to feel a football game experience comparable to reality.

★Artificial high-intelligence AI competition to enjoy top football fun★

For the first time, the use of anthropomorphic high-intelligence AI technology allows players to truly achieve real-time feedback and extreme performance.

★Full freedom of tactical settings to create an exclusive star lineup★

Under the new tactical setting, every superstar player can maximize his abilities as long as the position is perfect. If you want to become a giant dream team and build an exclusive camp, tactical arrangements and adjustments will be extremely demanding.

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Champion Godfather
Hossam Galal

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