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Town Magic

Town Magic

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"Zhen Mo Qu" is created by the original team of Zhen Mo Qu Duan You, and uses NetEase's self-developed world-class engine NeoX2.0, which fully realizes the movie-level next-generation picture quality, and the ultimate audiovisual subverts the senses!

7 major professions, 12 major protagonists, 21 combat genres, the Iron Triangle of tactics and animal husbandry, revolutionary introduction of MOBA "dual joystick" combat operations, unfettered 4-stage light work, creating a new era of real-time MMO combat!

More than 30 wild P battlefields, heads-up, group P, gang battle, camp battle, 150-man big battle, cross-server battlefield ladder competition, enrich PVP gameplay, fight if you want!

Multi-dimensional holographic social networking, point-to-point free transactions, real-time voice online, to create a real relationship circle between people; massive personalized appearance, two-person AR holographic interaction, full-view 3D home, Fantasia, live & game live broadcast, LBS city positioning, circle of friends , Video making friends, cute beasts, all kinds of funny expressions fancy each other.

The battle is in the place closest to the gods, in an immersive world, with warm characters, live battles, and real relationships. This is the "Magic Song of Town", to satisfy all your fantasies about top mobile games!

[Game Features]:

——Immersive World: Symphony of Oriental Fantasy and Next-Generation Picture Quality

Inheriting the town’s magic song, you can enjoy the world view. In this pure land that is closest to the gods and neighboring the magic, the characters are online, stylish and stylish. Host-level PBR technology rendering, real-time physical light and shadow calculation, real weather changes and day and night cycles in the game! Fresh villages, magnificent city walls, full voice and animation accompany, four-stage unfettered light work allows the Scenic Party to fly freely.

——Characters with temperature: 7 major professions, 21 combat genres

There are seven major occupations including Saint repair, special sound, dragon general, shadow brake, Yuling, astrology, and night hunting. 21 main genres are derived so that each occupation has a different combat experience: tank flow, explosive flow, auxiliary flow, and control Flow...Each character has distinctive characteristics, and is engraved with your exclusive brand!

——Live fighting: the tacit cooperation of tactics, animal husbandry and animal husbandry, and the delicate operation of dual joysticks

The classic tactics of the Iron Triangle of animal husbandry, realize the teamwork of the end-game level, rich activities and dungeons, the refreshing farm takes into account the strategic combination, and regain the fun of teaming up wasteland! Revolutionary introduction of the MOBA "dual joystick" operation familiar to hundreds of millions of players, the handicapped party can also play anywhere. If you are coquettish and subtle, you will be able to play a refreshing battle in the world of MMO!

——3D three-dimensional home: free design, personally build your own home

"Home" is the warmest word in the world. "The world is so big, peace of mind is home." "Let's be together, I want to give you a home."

"Tired? Let's go home together!" Fully free 3D homeland, meets the harbor of the soul. Nordic minimalist, Chinese-style green wood, variety of furnishings, free to match. The sun and the moon change, green plants grow, real homes, Sims.

Right here, good happens!

——Full free trading: real money, all equipment items can be circulated

Equipment, props and monsters are dropped, and life skills produce materials, which can be traded without binding! Stalling and peer-to-peer realizing real free transactions between players, here, you are no longer just a consumer, but also a wealth creator.

——Hot-blooded PVP: Rich PK mode, 30 wild P battlefields to fight freely

Single player PK, 3v3, 5v5, multi-crowd battles, gang battles, camp battles, 150-player battle royale, and cross-server battlefield ladder competitions to compete for the highest honor in the new season! 30 unbound wild P battlefields, you can fight if you want.

——Three-dimensional circle of friends: massive individual appearance, multi-dimensional holographic social interaction

Massive fashions, mounts, cute pets, martial arts, ornaments, dress up with a real personality! Factions, gangs, brothers and enemies; apprentices and apprentices, wandering the rivers and lakes; beautiful weddings, city cruises, romantic world; more friends chat, personalized space, built-in beauty shots, circle of friends, small video, crowd chat, real-time language chat, anchor Online...Play freely in this big world, never alone!

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Customer Service Phone: 95163618

Town Magic
Hossam Galal

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