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Harry Potter: Magic Awakening

Harry Potter: Magic Awakening

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"Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic" is a card RPG mobile game officially authorized by the original "Harry Potter".

You will enter Hogwarts as a freshman in the Magic Academy and start a mysterious adventure with other companions. At Hogwarts, you can meet familiar characters again, learn various magic courses, experience thrilling wizard duels, and write a new chapter in your own magical world.

-European retro picture books, recreating famous scenes in the magical world

Tap the umbrella head three times on the wall, walk into the diagonal alley with Hagrid, choose the first magic wand of the wizarding career; cross platform 9¾ and take the Hogwarts Express to the castle; in the warm and elegant college auditorium, Listen to the singing of the Sorting Hat... scenes of classic scenes will be perfectly presented in a pure European retro picture book style, restoring the mystery and stunningness of the magical world.

-Collect magic cards and experience the ultimate wizard showdown

"Faint, kill your weapon, raging flames..." Drag the card to cast a magic spell! Wizards need to study hard in the magic classroom to control more powerful spells and magical animals. The wizard duel is not just a contest of courage and wisdom. There are also cunning and vicious opponents among your opponents. Sometimes they even use "Avada Suicide"...

-Explore the magical world and find the echoes of the past

Stroll through the bustling Diagon Alley, and meet old friends by chance; next to the intricate revolving corridor, talk to each portrait; go deep into the dark and hidden forbidden forest, and encounter powerful horsemen and pure and beautiful unicorns... In the magical world, looking for echoes of classic characters, revealing the secrets of the past...

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Harry Potter: Magic Awakening
Hossam Galal

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