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No return (beta)

No return (beta)

By: 秋鼠

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Bu Fang is a small object-finding game with a lovely drawing style. The game duration is relatively short, in order to tell the story of the protagonist on the expedition to find his brother.

Its theme is growth and deception. In the game world, many times are full of lies, and we have experienced countless lies since we were born. Some lies come from unintentional, some come from kindness, and some lies to cover up a more cruel reality, but these are all It does not mean that the deceived person is satisfied with the fabricated story.

Uncovering a lie is like unlocking layers of knots, but if you don't face the truth, you will always be like a bird in a cage. As the movie "Chernobyl" said: "What is the price of a lie? It is not that it will be mistaken for the truth. The real danger is that if we listen to too many lies, we will no longer be able to discern the truth."

Using the disappearance of your brother as a prelude, the confusion will eventually come to light. Are you ready?

★ "Friends who experienced school violence or domestic violence when they were young play cautiously"

No return (beta)
Hossam Galal

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