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Lianlian Milk Tea Shop

Lianlian Milk Tea Shop

By: Filly工作室

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——— Game Introduction———

Hello friends!

Do you like milk tea?

I like it very much.

If you don't go to a milk tea shop, I also like to make a cup by myself at home.

If you don’t like too sweet, ask for a cup of sugar-free, and happiness will be inexplicably strong!

"Milk tea" is more than just a drink.

It seems that they have formed a new era of leisure culture symbol.

Like a whirlwind, the milk tea culture emerged from Asia.

Milk tea is not a necessary staple like three meals.

But it can "continue life"!

Obviously it's just tea mixed with milk.

Isn't it interesting?

A wide variety of milk tea drinks to match.

Dazzling, every time I look at the menu, I don’t know which one to choose.

What an extravagant trouble.

There are also shiny and bright milk tea brand shops with different styles.

Order a cup of milk tea every time you pass by,

Today is also a little fairy (or little prince)!

Ah~ If I also open a milk tea shop —?

--- Gameplay---

Step1: Crazy draw to get all kinds of ingredients

Step2: Develop various types of milk tea with ingredients

Step3: Put milk tea on the shelves, and you can make money by hanging up the phone!

Ugh? There are no customers to buy it?

Damn it~~~

Come and ask Mr. Xiong to help promote it~

Open a takeaway channel and do some online sales~

Of course, we need to add more types of milk tea!

Upgrade the taste of milk tea!

Move the store to a better place with more customers!


To achieve a small goal together?

Yeah yeah~

However, it turns out that the process of achieving the goal is the most interesting~

Hope "Lian Lian Milk Tea Shop"

Can bring everyone a comfortable and interesting gaming experience!

(The main gameplay methods are "Place and Hang Up" and "Raffle Collection")



Lianlian Milk Tea Shop
Hossam Galal

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