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Above another world

Above another world

By: 上海隐心网络科技有限公司

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The tech house strayed into another world. Facing an unfamiliar world, would he escape the castle and return to the original world with the help of the monster partner, or would he be assimilated by the magical world and start a new life?

Detailed introduction:

"Above the Other World" is a 3D top-down angle roguelike action game. The protagonist uses the blessing and help of the monster partner to modify his weapons and increase his attack methods. With the deepening of the castle exploration, the combat performance is gradually enriched, and the refreshing feeling is fast. Soaring!

[Into the castle by mistake! 】

The legend records a mysterious area, on the top of a remote mountain, there stands a castle of a certain city lord. One day, a blazing meteor shower cut through the sky, and a mysterious and huge meteorite fell from the sky, and the shadow enveloped the entire castle... When the sun shone on the earth again, the castle and the mountains disappeared in this world...

Decades or even hundreds of years have passed, and history has come to the modern information age. The protagonist of the game, Roy, a technological boy who is obsessed with technology, has finally created a plane that belongs to him by relying on his deep passion for mechanical technology. The aircraft, and today, is the first voyage of this aircraft.

During the long flight test, Roy was fascinated by the beauty of the cloud tops he had never seen before, and unknowingly lost his way. When he came back to his senses, he found that the plane was passing through a group of golden clouds emitting a strange light. , In front of which is the outline of an ancient castle. All operations on the plane had failed, the body made an overwhelming rubbing sound, and the feeling of weightlessness gradually hit. Fortunately, he still had time to open the parachute...

【new world! 】

When Roy woke up, he found himself with a plane and fell into a medieval castle, and here, it seems that it is no longer the world he knows, for his own safety, he can only temporarily shelter in the sewer of the castle.

Fortunately, Roy met here with a group of monster partners with different personalities. In order to find the wreckage of the plane and return to the familiar world, he could only explore the castle with the help of his partners, find the scattered parts, and repair the beloved plane.

What kind of sparks will collide with the encounter of science and magic?

[Monster partner! 】

In the castle, you will meet all kinds of monster partners, get their blessings, improve your abilities, and create a variety of surprising effects.

Find a variety of resources to cultivate your partners, increase your favorability, understand their stories, and develop more strengthening methods, integrating the technology of the new century and the magic of another world into a unique fighting method, and the monster that blocks you from moving forward. , Is the best test stone!

[Fighting hard? 】

Thrilling levels require you to adapt to changes; traps with many changes will catch you off guard. Feeling painful? Then keep trying the combination of weapons and blessings and find the most suitable routine for you to deal with the endless tricks of the enemy!

The talent tree of adventure, technology, and magic, once invested, will be strengthened forever, so that the battle is no longer hard!

[Challenge level! 】

Dilapidated sewers will always give rise to various problems, and the monster friends also need your help!

"Please Roy! We don't have much food left!"

"Hey boy! The fuel is gone! The forging will no longer be able to start the furnace next time!"

"There is a steady stream of monsters! Lend this pumpkin machine gun to you, please save me!"


Various interesting challenge levels are waiting for you to try, solve the troubles of your partners, and experience different fighting methods!

[Art style]

The simple and fresh lowpoly style, the unique style of each level, and the carefully crafted original soundtrack will take you through the various areas of the castle, experience the living environment of the monsters, and feel completely different customs!

Above another world
Hossam Galal

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