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Mining without risk

Mining without risk

By: 成都千行科技有限公司

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Mining without risk

Diligent miners must mine even if they don't take risks!

Come and compete with players from all over the world around gold mines in the desert, snow or night.

The game has a simple and easy operation mode, magical! poisonous! Addictive!

Dig more gold mines, strengthen your throwing ability, knock down opponents who grab gold with you, and even more awesome trophies waiting for you to upgrade and unlock.

Let's forget about the adventure and mine!


Accumulate points by mining gold mines or knocking down opponents, and accumulate as many points as possible before the end of the countdown.

Don't be careless, after being defeated, all the gold mines will be taken away by your opponents, and the battle points will be halved.

[Game Features]

Attack upgrade!

★For miners who value money as their fate, digging more gold mines will bring them stronger attack power. The gossip says that for every 5 gold mines, miners can throw one more gold nugget at a time. .

The great advantage of the proletariat!

★It doesn't matter if the backpack is empty. The proletariat has unparalleled flexibility. It moves much faster than the capitalist. The more gold mines in the backpack, the slower it will go.

Working day and night is king

★ In addition to the unique scenes, the original dark night mode allows you to experience the thrilling excitement of step by step.

In addition to work honor, of course it is also very important

★ Championships, trophy system and various honors are waiting for you to unlock, miners have a life besides work.

Mining without risk
Hossam Galal

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