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Fantasy World War

Fantasy World War

By: Lcc

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An independent game created by a solo team, "Fantasy World War", a boutique full-view game, the main direction of the game is PVP, you can play black with your friends, pit your teammates, and have the function of teaming up to defeat the boss, qualifying, and single player Copy, ranking, auction house, interaction with friends, etc. Players can use different characters to simulate battles and training, and obtain game items.

1. Features

The game does not have a VIP system.

Do not roll over.

There are different activities every week in the game, and there are festival activities.

Currently testing 835 full frames.

2. Introduction

AR technology has brought you countless milestones of entertainment. A large-scale online game of "Fantasy World War" takes AR technology to the extreme, and has become a large-scale virtual online game that crosses national borders, and the entire game server And the processor is an epoch-making symbol-the powerful high-intelligence AI "Hope", its technological power even walks in the forefront of the world.

Therefore, people with ulterior motives focused on AI "Hope". These people formed an organization called "Fallen" and secretly planned how to seize it. In the post-production of "Fantasy War", the "fallen world" launched a tentative intrusion through the Internet. As a result, it suffered an autonomous counterattack from AI Hope and returned without success under the dual threat of the firewall protecting Hope. However, "Creation", the production member of "Ghost War", did not care about this invasion with ulterior motives, so it left irreparable bitter fruit...

"Drug Hacking Incident": The first failure of the "Fallen World" organization was just a tentative feint. After thoroughly understanding the firewall's anti-hacking algorithm, "Falling World" took advantage of the first hunting match in "Fantasy Wars" , Launched a full-scale hacking offensive. Because "Hope" lacked the auxiliary protection of the firewall, the autonomous counterattack appeared slightly weak, and gradually the "fallen world" gained a little bit of secrets. Fortunately, "Chuangshi" adopted an emergency plan in time to restore the firewall and repair the loopholes, prompting the "fallen" to abandon the offensive and save Hope. However, the "fallen world" has acquired more or less confidential technology, and in the following days, the work of protecting Hope's safety has been urgent.

"War Reform": The firewall that repairs loopholes is extremely difficult to be compromised, and the "fallen world" gradually loses confidence. There is no decisive data in the secrets they obtained. Until the organization member codename "Crack" discovered that the captured data can be encoded, so that after entering "Ghost Wars", through PVP victory to infect other player accounts, the accumulation of small and large amounts, causing data disorder, so as to achieve internal hacking in the game How to enter Hope. This has become the ultimate means of "fallen world" and has been unanimously recognized. Therefore, "fallen world" trained a large number of PVP killers and put them into the game...

"Salvation Operation": "Creation" immediately caught the hostile means and fabricated a special algorithm against data disorder, purifying the killer of "fallen world" through PVP victory. Therefore, "Creation" must be powerful Heroes, come and fight for them

So, the story begins...

Fantasy World War
Hossam Galal

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