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Shoot the Dragons

Shoot the Dragons

By: Weedo Technology Co., Limited

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We hope to bring you the happiness that the classic games we played in childhood also bring to you:)

Game introduction:

The story of the dragon archer takes place in a planet full of humor, mystery, and strangeness-Pandora.

On this planet, there are singing elephants, dancing fat birds, weeping rainbow dragons, and nagging policemen will come to stop your adventure.

There are also bears who love to drink, dragons with bad temper, mud with dreams, fish with red lips, as your companions.

More importantly, there is also a middle-aged, white-headed male protagonist who is full of treasure chests, is brave and humorous.

Edward Don’t Make Discomfort Comrade Walker

He came from the earth and was alone. How did the spirit drive him to come to such a strange planet, or what are the reasons behind it?

Please enter the game world of Dragon Archer:)

Here you will experience

1. A unique adventure

2. Wonderful mobs challenges and very super and more exciting BOSS challenges

3. Endless gameplay changes brought about by different helper pets

(The feature description of the 1000 word game is omitted above)

Thousands of words are summed up in one sentence:

If you like fun and fun games, what are you hesitating, come and experience it!

Shoot the Dragons
Hossam Galal

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