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Game guardian

Game guardian

By: 真有趣游戏

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"Game Guardian" is a game adventure RPG. The adventurer unexpectedly responded to the call of the game world and traveled to the game world, where he met guardians from different game worlds, formed a guardian alliance, cleared major games, and repaired bugs in the game world. In the end, you will lead your guardian alliance to challenge the great devil of the collapsed legion.

【Global Service】

"Game Guardian" will be developed with a global server architecture. Whether you are on Android or IOS, you can fight and interact on the same server in the game world. You will meet players from different countries.

【Fashion System】

"Game Guardian" is definitely a face-seeking world. We will launch new fashions from time to time, and these fashions can be obtained through the game, satisfying all players' pursuit of uniqueness and handsomeness, coolness and cuteness.

[Friends to develop]

In "Game Guardians", you can make new friends more easily, follow, hug, give gifts, bring people to hang up, these can increase intimacy, you can also form an independent family, and there are more family-specific tasks and rewards Waiting for the player.

Game guardian
Hossam Galal

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