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Opening his eyes, the boy was in a completely unfamiliar room before his eyes.

Dim lights, unfamiliar environment,...

A boy who lives a repetitive daily life...

A girl struggling for life...

Two people with different positions

Touching the world you never know, shakes deep-rooted stereotypes.

Under various confusions and choices, they will usher in──

■Character introduction

【Jiang Haochen】

"I didn't become a criminal because I was more noble, but because I was lucky."

The protagonist of the game has a special growth experience that allows him to remain calm at all times.

He was inexplicably attacked and was in a completely unfamiliar, dilapidated house.

What happened?

【Mysterious Girl】

"The world is inherently unfair. Isn't this your favorite to say?"

The first person I saw from the abandoned house...

Strong personality, irritable personality ~ often ridiculed and even fisted.

But it often shows a gentle side~


"I never thought that one day we would also become the bad guys in the story."

It seems that he is only fourteen or five years old, and he always keeps his head down quietly.

Be vigilant about everything and taciturn.

What is their relationship?

Hossam Galal

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