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Rhythm Fat House

Rhythm Fat House

By: 游引力

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The most magical 3D rhythm parkour game in history!

Xiaopanghong: Hello! Lan Zi, I heard that we are going to be on TV!

Lan Zi: (sleepy eyes) Ah, my hamburger~~ Here's another~~

(Little Fat Red starts to blast Lan Zi)

Xiaopanghong: I got up, everyone is here, hurry up.

Lan Zi: What~~thing? what's happenin? Where's my burger? ?

Xiaopanghong: Starting today, we two will say goodbye to burgers and fries and start running to lose weight. You promised it a year ago. Did you forget?

Lan Zi: Huh? Didn’t I agree on the day I ate the hamburger and fainted? You really take it seriously!

Xiaopanghong: I'm really not alone. You see, there are already crowds outside our house. They are all watching us running to lose weight. Even the helicopter that the TV station followed is on top of my head!

Lan Zi: What? No way! ! ! I want to eat a burger! I don't want to run! ! !

(Little Fat Red drags Lan Zi out of the room and pushes to the door)

Xiaopanghong: The days of burgers and lazy sleep are over, Lanzi. It's time to welcome your new life! Music! ! !

(Lan Zi's body starts to move involuntarily with the magical music)

Lan Zi: No~~I want a burger~~I want a Coke~~I don’t want to run~~~~~

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Rhythm Fat House
Hossam Galal

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