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By: 霍尔果斯酷玩

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Living in the Middle Ages, you stumbled upon the nautical notes left by the late captain grandfather. Following the notes, you sailed to the Bermuda Delta. A magical force transported you and your boat on the night of the full moon. Arriving in an EBLARD world, Bermuda is just a teleportation portal for the earth.

What a fantasy story will be waiting for you...

In the world of Abrado islands that travel through the sky, you can experience:

●Real-time sea battle with voice interaction

●Sea area top-view operation: sea navigation depends on the route

●Naval battle scene: lead the cute sailor to the sea of stars

● Combo skill system, luck is also part of strength

●Fully automatic combat, with simple micro-operation

●New professional sailor system, allowing special skills to appear in battle

●Abandon the nautical trade model in traditional nautical theme mobile games

●Join the camp and follow the camp to challenge the entire sea world!

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Hossam Galal

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