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Extraordinary Guardian War

Extraordinary Guardian War

By: 鲸蛰工作室

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Extraordinary Guardian War is a tower defense game with action and strategy elements. It is a new version of the ship that you have never experienced.

In this parallel world, our country was invaded by a large number of demonized Wei army. In the face of wave after wave of enemy offensives, the military division used the technique of praying to summon extraordinary guardians. Only the guards can contend with the demonized enemy's army.

By guarding the military, you can guard the hope of victory!

*growing up

Guardians can obtain resources by killing various enemies. In the different-dimensional store, they can purchase various equipment to enhance the protagonist’s various abilities and fight monsters.

*Tower Defense

Guardians can use resources to summon various towers to assist in defense.

Summon guards with different personalities to provide different guarding experiences.


Exciting movements and skills will give you an unusual tower defense experience.

Extraordinary Guardian War
Hossam Galal

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